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Remember that the assessment of risk, as well as recommendations for modifying risk are important components of the treatment for depression


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The PHQ-9 is a universially accepted standard for assessing and monitoring symptoms of depression

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The CES-DC is a bit more age-appropriate for younger children, has a few more questions around peer relational concerns, and sneaks in questions that are scored differently to ensure the kids thoughtfully answered the questions

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While the C-SSRS is primarily intended to be administered by clinician's trained on its use,  any person (nurse, MA, PCP, parent) will benefit from its question prompts for guiding a thorough convesation about suicide risk


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A safety plan should always be part of your plan to treat depression. Attached is a form from Intermountain Healthcare that teens can be encouraged to complete with you or with a parent

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A document by UACAP attempting to address 5 of the most common questions clinicians ask around prescribing SSRIs for pediatric depression


Encourage teens to download the SafeUT app as an easy way to get help, or find help for others

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