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Dispite the name's focus on "attention" and "hyperactivity" it's important to remember the range of "executive functions" that are negatively impacted -- problems with attention, organization, planning, task-completion, impulse-control, self-motivation and emotional self-regulation. 


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We recommend using the NICHQ Vanderbilt ADHD scale because It is FREE and widely available. At least one parent and one teacher (more is preferred) should complete. The Vanderbilt assesses core ADHD symptoms, common comorbidities, and functional impairments. There is also an abreviated "follow up" form to assess progress

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Sometimes a tool like  the Home Situations Questionnaire can be helpful for assessing and monitoring specific problemmatic behaviors, and focus treatment on more specific, measurable outcomes


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We have included this flowchart for the consideration of primary care providers who are tasked with managing ADHD in children and teens. It includes some basic guidelines around assessment, medication choices and therapy recommendations

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A comparison of dosing equivalencies and duration of action for some of the more common stimulant medications


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Here is one example of the kind of handout that may be useful for families who are first considering medication options


ADDitude hosts a magazine, website and excellent podasts that bring together leading experts to provide guidance on a range of day-to-day issues for those living with ADHD

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